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Carbon Fiber Poles

Fanotec Carbon Fiber Aerial Poles
Strong - Stackable - Portable - up to 18' (5.5m)
Popular Uses: Real Estate, Aerial VR's, General Aerial Photography, Events, Travel, Semi Pro - Pro
Cameras: Ultra Compact, Compact, SLR bridge, Rangefinder, SLR mirrorless, Compact DSLR
Suggested Lenses: built in - all, interchangeable - 4.5mm up to approx. 55mm focal
Carbon Fiber Poles Comparison:
Product Pole Series 2 Complete (F7105) Pole Series 1 Complete (POLEUL) Pole Series 3 Complete (P3C)
Image Pole Series 2 Complete - Nodal Ninja Online Store Pole Series 1 Complete - Nodal Ninja Online Store Pole Series 3 Complete - Nodal Ninja Online Store
Price $659.95 $639.95 $999.95
Summary Pole Series 2 consists of two units - UPPER and LOWERTHIS LISTING IS FOR BOTH UPPER AND LOWER UNITS. The two units can be mounted to form a longer single unit pole (adapter included by default). Th... Pole Series 1 Complete consists of two units - UPPER and LOWER Fanotec Carbon Fiber Poles Series 1 Upper: The community has been waiting for a portable, easy to use and yet rigid enough pole for mak... Pole Series 3 Complete - extends to 9m (30 ft). Description and images soon.... Note: due to size we cannot offer free shipping on this item. Please contact us prior to ordering for actual cost (sto...
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Item Sections Weight (gm) Collapsed Height cm (ft) Maximum Height cm (ft) Retail Price Sale Price Remarks
Pole 1 Complete 7 1850 122 (4") 550 (18.04") $639.95
Pole 2 Complete 6 1920 118 (3.81") 594.5 (19.5") $659.95 added shipping costs apply
Pole 3 Complete 6 3359 172 (5.64") 925 (30.35") $1099.95 $999.95 not compatible with Pole series TP,1,2 added shipping costs apply
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