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Panoramic Photo

What can panoramic photos do?

Panoramic photos can be captured with specialized equipment, like wide angle lens and fisheye lens. To make a 360 degree panoramic photo, stitching software is needed.

Note-What is panorama:

In the 19th century, the time when people invented panoramic photography, stitching pictures is the only way to get a panorama. In 1851 Martin Behrmanx took some photos on Rincon Hill in San Francisco. It is said that this photo initially had eleven plates. From this picture we can see Rincon Hill stitched a few pictures together, then get this panoramic photo.

panoramic photography

At that time, panoramic photos often meant wide angle and wide aspect ratio(like the picture above). This situation has continued to the era of digital photography.

Note-What is panoramic photography:

Panoramic photography maybe has many definitions, but for us, it is a format of photography that captures great wide-angle photos. This wide-angle we are talking about is not general wide-angle, it should be greater than human's field of view(about 75 degree). It is a consensus which was developed by the people who create panorama photos. In fact there is no formal definition to tell us this is wide-angle and that is panorama.

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Panoramic photos stitched by Panoweaver:

360 image 360 images

How to stitch photos to panoramic pictures?

A digital SLR camera, plus either a fisheye lens or normal lens, can help you shoot high quality photos. With fisheye lens, only 4-6 photos are needed to stitch a 360 degree panoramic photo. With normal lens, more photos in a single line or even multiple lines are needed to stitch a 360 degree panorama.

Normal photos captured by: Nikon D200 + 17-55mm lens

Import the normal photos to photo stitch software Panoweaver to stitch a 360 degree panoramic photo like following:

Park Panorama

Panoramic Photo Types

According to different projection ways, panoramic photos are divided into spherical, cylindrical and cubic types. Spherical panorama has reached 360 * 180 degree. See following spherical panorama stitched from 6 full frame fisheye photos:

Cylindrical panoramic photo is like above "Park Panorama". Cubic panorama is like below:

Spherical panorama can be converted to cubic type and vice versa.

How to publish panoramic photos in immersive players?

With photo stitching software Panoweaver, panoramas can be exported to immersive VR players based on Flash, QuickTime and Java. View panorama gallery.

Download Panoweaver to make panoramic photos.

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