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Panoramic Views of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Panoramic View of Mount Huang

In May, 2008, Easypano photographers climbed the peaks in Mount Huang, and took the following panoramic pictures of the Mount Huang (click to see full screen panoramic view). Mount Huang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of China's major tourist destinations, famous for the Huangshan Pine trees, Sea of Clouds and peculiarly-shaped rocks.

360 image 360 images

The first one is taken on one of the peaks which is comprised of bare rocks. The second one is taken near a strangely jutting rock, with beautiful scenery of the valley and mountain range.

Four fisheye photos were taken on each panoramic shot, with Nikon D200, plus Sigma 8mm fisheye lens, pano head and tripod, and then stitched with photo stitching software Panoweaver to 360 degree spherical panoramic pictures and exported to full screen QTVR.

Panoramic view of Hong Village

Here is a group of panoramic views from Hong village, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Anhui province in eastern China. The historical buildings of Hong village have been regarded as typical examples of Anhui-style architecture.

Click on each panoramic image to view full screen QTVR.

360 picture   360 views

The left panoramic image is taken on the entrance bridge to the village. The whole village is built in the shape of an ox. The pond in the right panoramic image resembles the stomach of the ox.

The following are panoramic views of buildings in Hong village which were built in Ming and Qing dynasties. Some of the residential houses have existed for more than 500 years. The bricks, stones and wood carvings boast great historical and cultural values.

360 view 360 photo

These panoramic pictures are also taken with Nikon D200 and Sigma 8mm F3.5 EX DG Fisheye lens. Check compatible equipment list for Panoweaver. View 360 Flash panorama gallery.

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