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Panorama Software - Panoweaver 4.00 Introduction

Panorama software-Panoweaver 4.00 is the industry-leading photo stitching software, which enables you to stitch fisheye images into high-quality 360 degree spherical panoramas easily within only 3 minutes. In the past four years, Panoweaver has been serving thousands of professional photographers, web designers, realtors and project managers worldwide. You just need import the images into Panoweaver, simple click "Stitch" and you can get a beautiful panorama.

As a photo stitch software, Panoweaver 4.0 supports all SLR cameras and many consumer cameras.

Panoweaver well explains Easypano's belief that a state-of-the-art panorama software should:

  • Offer the best quality panoramas
  • Keep the panorama stitching process as easiest as possible
  • Be compatible with all correlating products
  • Sell at an affordable price
  • Generate high ROI for its users

What kind of input does Panoweaver stitch?

Panoweaver stitches fisheye images only. There are three types of fisheye image which can be imported into Panoweaver to create a panorama. With different equipment, you can get different types of images. Drum images, full frame images and full ciruclar images are all available in Panoweaver 4.00. Click the image below for more details.

Drum Image Full Frame Image Full Circular Image

The necessary equipment for a panorama includes digital camera, fisheye lens, Pano Head/Rotator and Tripod.


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OS Platform

There are both Windows and Macintosh version of Panoweaver 4.00. Learn more about the system requirements.




It is unnecessary to download any language plug-ins. Language files have already been embedded in the installation package. The interface will changes according to your OS language. Please note that all the user manual is only available in English.




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