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Photo Stitching Software for Mac OS X

Easypano has developed photo stitching software for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Panoweaver 7.0 for Mac OS X: Panorama software for stitching 360 degree panoramas from any type of photos, and also exporting panoramic tours in various players.

Photo Stitching Software for Mac OS X - Create 360 degree panoramic photos

Panoweaver 7.00 for Mac OS X is automatic photo stitching software, which can create 360 degree panoramas from either fisheye photos or normal digital photos, and export panoramic tours in Flash, QuickTime and Java player.

If you are using Mac OS X and need to produce panoramas, you can try Panoweaver. Use digital camera to take photos and open them in panoweaver to stitch into a wide-angle photo or panorama.

Normal photos taken by Nikon D200 + 17-55mm lens

view flash panorama gallery

After stitching in Panoweaver, we get the following cylincrical panoramic photo:

Drum fisheye photos taken by Canon 10D + Sigma 8mm Fisheye lens

After stitching in Panoweaver we get the following spherical panoramic photo:

Photo Stitching Software for Mac OS X - Export Panoramic photos to immersive players

Besides photo stitching, Panoweaver can also export panoramic photos to Flash, Java and QuickTime players. The following Flash panoramic tour is created by Panoweaver. If you can not view the Flash panorama, please install the latest version of Flash player.

Photo Stitching Software for Mac OS X - Editions

Stitch 360 panoramas from any type of photos, publish standalone SWF, html based Flash, QTVR and Java based panorama tours.

$99.99 (Standard)

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