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To fight against piracy and better protect Easypano copyright as well as user's interests, we adopt a stricter license policy. Easypano customers have to activate the products to make it fully functional. The Easypano Product Activation System does not collect or utilize personal information, such as your name and contact information. Product Activation is completely secure and anonymous. No personal information is ever collected or requested. During activation, the product does not scan your hard drives or collect any data other than the minimum information required to verify your license. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Here is a general workflow. Please move your mouse on the image to learn more.


  • Network interface card or modem must be installed to activate the product.
  • Easypano product activation is related with NIC(Network Interface Card). As long as the NIC remains the same, there will be no problem on activation. In case you need to change the NIC, we suggest you transfer license beforehand so that the later reactivation can be processed successfully. Alternatively , you can contact Easypano support for assistance.

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