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Real Estate Virtual Tour

Virtual tours are created for showing real estate listings online. More and more people are searching for homes online so real estate virtual tours play an important role in attracting more potential buyers.

Easypano now offers an online virtual tour platform for real estate agents to create and host 360 degree tours easily.

Two main steps to create a professional virtual tour for your real estate listing.

Preparation before making real estate virtual tour

Preparation Before Taking Home Photos (including 360 degree panoramic photo)

1. Main photography equipment: Digital camera (abbreviation as DC); Tripod (Optional); Pano Head (Optional)
2. Calculate the minimum number of shots required for shooting a 360 degree panoramic photo

Taking still photos is quite simple, while to get a 360 degree photo, you need to shoot enough photos in the horizontal direction with more than 20% overlapping between images.

To stitch a 360 degree panoramic image, the number of shots required for stitching varies with different cameras and lens. Instant Pano (a free photo stitching software for creating 360 degree panoramic image. Download) has provided a tool for calculating number of shots needed, please refer to Tutorial.

Stitch 360 degree panoramic photos with Instant Pano

After taking enough photos from the same viewpoint, import the photos in Instant Pano and stitch to get a 360 degree panoramic image.

Then save the panoramic image.

Note: The 360 degree image stitched by Instant Pano is saved in a special format which can only be used in Tour Hosting platform to create virtual tours.

Create real estate virtual tour online

It is quite simple to create a virtual tour in Easypano Tour Hosting platform. Just Register a free account in Tour Hosting site, and then login user panel to create virtual tours for your real estate property. Two simple steps to get a online virtual tour with 360 degree panoramic photos:

  • Fill in home information, and then upload your panoramas and still photos.
  • Choose a skin template for your home tour and click Publish to host the virtual tour in Tour Hosting platform

Note: Publish option is available for active subscribers

View Tutorial for using Tour Hosting user panel to create 360 degree virtual tour.

Host real estate virtual tour in Tour Hosting site

After publishing the virtual tours, they will be hosted in Tour Hosting server and kept under Published list of your account, and you can post the virtual tour link in your website, or your listings in other websites like The virtual tour is branded with your own company logo, and you can add your photo and company link to the tour. They can be displayed in full screen. View following sample tour:

real estate virtual tour sample

View more sample virtual tours

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Panoweaver 8

Professional 360 panoramic photo stitching software as well as Flash panorama publisher from any type of photo.

The most powerful virtual tour creating software for integrating your panoramas with Google map,video, hotspot, ect.

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