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Set the still image in the scene panel, it works only when you click the certain scene.

If you set the still image as "best fit" in the scene panel, it works only when you click the certain scene.
While when you click the button "preview" or "publish" to view the virtual tour. It will display the slideshow by default, while in the slideshow, the still image size is set as "actual size" instead of "best fit", so it looks a little bit large. Please do as follows to change the image size.

1. Import panoramic images into Tourweaver, select the exact image type for each one on the Manage panel.

2. Find out the dimension of that still image also in the Manage panel, please look at the image below:

still image setting

3. Open Movie panel and copy the slideshow, then select the frame of the still image.

still image setting

4. Put the value of the width of the still image into the option "zoom level" on the right side of the Movie panel. Then set the new movie as a default movie.

still image setting

5. Open Scene panel, select the view option of that still image as "best fit", then when you click that certain still image, it will display as "best fit".

still image setting

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