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How to apply classification display and slice display?


Tip for applying classification display:
If the scene image is a large one (with size bigger than 4000*2000), loading speed will be a little slow, in this case, checking the option "Pano Size in Normal Viewer" in publish settings is suggested. The advantage is that in normal viewer after checking the option, loading will be faster and the scene can display more quickly. If your scene image is not big, not checking the option is suggested.

Tip for applying slice display:
If a scene image is very big, the loading speed is slow and the option "slice display" is checked in publish settings, then a pre-screenshot (a blurry image) will appear and next, slice display begins. The advantage is that the scene image will be loaded little by little and the part that has been first loaded can be viewed first, so that you don't need to wait till the whole scene image is totally loaded. But the loading time might be longer than non-slice-display. So if you want to shorten the loading time, "Slice Display" is not suggested.

Please check the options based on your requirements.

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