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How to set the movie to bounce back, and how to adjust speed

  • First, I would like you to know the difference of "Scene" and "Movie". In panel "Scene", the performance of thumbnail(small unique scenes) are set there. However, once you open a Tourweaver, the autorunning tour is controlled in panel "Movie". The settings you have made in panel "Scene" don't apply to the performance of "Movie".
  • Second, in the "Scene", you can only adjust the turning speed. "Bounce back" can't be set. But in the "Movie", you can set both the speed and the bounce back. That is to say, when you open a Tourweaver, the autorunning tour's performance can be set.
  • Third, how to set the speed in "Scene" Click on Panel "Scene" and then adjust "Auto Rotating Speed".
  • Fourth, how to set bounce back. Click on panel "Movie", set up a new movie, choose frames, and set the movie as default. When you set down frames, please note the option of"Anticlockwise" or "Clockwise". Please refer to the attached screenshot: movie.gif. For more detailed information about how to make a movie,please click on menu "Help", then click on "Help Topics" and
    read the 4.5 chapter.
  bounce back turn back and forth clockwise scene movie
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