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How to deal with Error 1935 during installation?

1. Stop as many programs as possible. Some programs may be running in the background, such as adware or spyware. An example of such software is Adwatch. If possible, remove any adware from the machine. 2. Stop as many Windows services as possible by navigating to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. 3. Verify that Internet Explorer 6.0 is installed. Verify that all Microsoft service packs and updates have been installed. 4. Install Microsoft XML 4.0 SP2 before continuing. This can be downloaded by way of the link in the Related Information section below. 5. Install the ESRI software again if Step 4 was successful. For more information, please visit
  error 1935 install adware spyware Internet Explorer 6.0
  On my computer, the Image Preview Area in the Manage Panel is out of view. Why? Why does the font change after preview or publish? 

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