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How to create a virtual tour using Easypano products?

Following the steps below to create a virtual tour:
1. Shoot images for a panorama. Take images with camera + fisheye lens + pano head + tripod.
2. Use Panoweaver to stitch panoramas.
3. Use VRTourMaker to create a VR tour or Use Tourweaver to create a virtual tour.

How to make a VR tour with VRTourMaker?

Quick Start explains basic procedures, through the following steps to quickly
create a virtual tour as user request.

1.New Project, Open Project;
2.Add Scene(s);
3.Hotspots Management; and Guide Function
4.Setting Google Map or Planform;
5.Preview and Publish;

For the details, please refer to How to make a virtual tour with Tourweaver.
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