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How can I activate Easypano software on another computer?

Please go to help>transfer license on your old PC to transfer the license first before activating it in the new computer. After transfer, activate it again on your new PC. 

Transfer License Key

If you want to move your software from current computer to a new one (e.g. from Windows PC to Macintosh) or plan to upgrade your hardware, transferring license should be done in advance. This operation deactivates the product on your current machine so it can be reactivated on the new or upgraded computer.

Transfer License Mechanism:

  1. Run Transfer License
  2. Activation ID and Serial Number are uploaded to Easypano Activation Server
  3. Activation Server checks the Activation ID
  4. Activation Server deactivates the current product and gives feedback to you.

Please click help>transfer license on your old PC, it can be finished in a moment.

  • Note: Internet connection is required to transfer license. In case you need transfer license offline, say the original computer cannot be accessed or crashed, please directly contact An inclusion of your serial number in the email will be more helpful. Easypano support will transfer your license in original computer so that you can reactivate in another one.
  • Tip: Only when the product was activated, can users proceed to transfer license.

For more details, please refer to License Transfer
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