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Can I import partial panoramas in Tourweaver for a virtual tour?

Tourweaver deals with partial panoramas as well as full 360 panoramas in the same way. So when you import partial panoramas into Tourweaver, they don't link up at the two edges, and those images seem to be getting warped and distorted and appear to have zoomed in.
Please do as follows:
  • 1. Use ACD FotoCanvas Lite or other image editing software to patch the partial panoramas into full 360 panoramas, namely 2:1 images. For example, you can enlarge the canvas size to 2:1 aspect ratio. Please refer to the image below:

  • 2. Import this edited partial image into Tourweaver.
  • 3. Open Scene panel and adjust the value of "pan initial/max/min", so that when you view this image in the virtual tour, the added part can not be seen. "initial" means the starting point, "min" means the leftmost point and "max" means the rightmost point.

  • 4. Open Movie panel, copy the slideshow or creat a new movie. Then select the frame of that partial image and change the value of "FOV" on the right side of this panel to zoom in or zoom out the panorama.
  • 5. Finally set the new movie as a default movie, then preview or publish it.
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