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Why is the full screen bar hidden?


The reason about the full screen bar issue is that the latest version of Java 1.6.0_3 includes an additional safety warning, that is, such a warning will appear at the bottom left corner of all the windows or dialog generated from the Java Applet. The problem has been resolved in the latest version of Tourweaver, so we suggest you download the latest version of Tourweaver to have a try.

As to the current issue, if you want the full screen bar to appear, I suggest you do as follows:
1. Download the latest version of Tourweaver.
2. Replace the tw2.jar file with the twviewer.jar file in the "resource" file folder in the latest version of Tourweaver.
3. Change the name of twviewer.jar to tw2.jar after replacement.
4. Upload the updated file to your server, and then the full screen bar will appear.

  full screen bar hidden hide Tourweaver Java Applet
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