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Can Modelweaver handle high resolution photos?


MODELWEAVER can handle high res photos, please see the 6 main steps below to create and output a 3D Object Movie:

Step 1: Preparing the hardware (the object, computer, background, lighting, digital video camera, or other capturing devices, such as a still digital camera and Turntable) and installing Modelweaver 2.00 (refer to section 2 and 3 of this manual)
Step 2: Launching Modelweaver 2.00 and Importing the video or images
Step 3: Editing the images
Step 4: Previewing the 3D Object Movie
Step 5: Creating the 3D Object Movie and saving it as a Modelweaver Applet or QTVR (QuickTime VR) file
Step 6: Exporting the Object Movie file to a website or CD and viewing the result

Please access the menu "Help>help topics" for more details after downloading Modelweaver.

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