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How can I embed my published Flash panorama into my webpage?


Flash object can not be played directly in Dreamweaver, but you can preview your page in explorer.

There are two ways to embed Flash panorama into your webpage:

  • First solution:

Insert this code in your webpage: <iframe src="/../pano.html" width="xxx" height="xxx" frameborder="0" id="flash1" name="flash1"> </iframe>

Please write the right location(which directory in your website you are going to upload the pano files to) of your pano.html between quotation marks after src, and enter the desired width and height of the Flash object. Then upload all the related panorama files to your server. Please note that the red codes are necessary and black codes are not.

  • Second solution:

Just like what you did, copy the whole flash folder into your site assets folder in Dreamweaver, then open your webpage in Dreamweaver, drag the published pano.swf file directly to the page in Dreamweaver. Then please insert <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="true"> between <object></object>. If you choose this solution, please upload all the pano files to the same directory with your webpage.

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