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How to slove the problem? Both Batch and Professional Edition of Panoweaver won't open but give me a pop up window that says VM Creation failed.

Problem: After installing Panoweaver 5.0 the application cannot be lauched. There is the message "VM creation failed". I did reinstall the latest Java Runtime but to no avail. What can be done to solve the problem?
Solution: First, please make sure whether is the java's problem, please have a tyry as follow:
1. Uninstall all Javas on your computer
2. Download a new one at
If it is still can't be launched, please open the install folder of the Panoweaver, which should be at :
\Program Files\Easypano\Panoweaver, there is a file named "panoweaver.exe", then please double click to run the program. If you can start the program by this way, please notice the panoweaver icon on desktop whether is correct. It should be panoweaver but not panoweaver1024 or others.
  Panoweaver VM creation failed
  What should I do that Panoweaver fails to launch? I found that standalone swf is not working properly in Panoweaver 7.3 and Touwaver 6.5, why? 

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