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How to display Flash VR with my wordpress?

Question: Hi, I'm trying to get the output from Panorama2Flash working with WordPress. I have 2 panoramas I need to display the published result flashvr on my webpage built by wordpress. Can you tell me the procedure to configure the paths to the relevant files so that WordPress loads them? Is there a parameter I can use to tell Flash where to find the relevant panorama files?
Answer: You can upload the published files/folder onto the server, then change the parameter into the correct relevant path telling flash to find the panorama2flash.swf on your server, and copy the codes in the pano***.html file into the source code of the artical page where you want to embed the flashvr on your wordpress platform.
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  Do you have software used to batch publish flash and HTML5 panoramas? How do you upload all the panorama2flash published tour files to the server? 

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