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Is there an additional charge per panorama or virtual tour that is created and posted to a website?


There is no per image fee or per virtual tour fee to create panoramas and virtual tour with Easypano software - Panoweaver and Tourweaver. You will only be charged once for the license key of the software.

You can create as many panoramas or virtual tours as you wish, and publish the panoramas or virtual tours to many web sites. For real estate agents, if you want to host virtual tours of listings in, you can just upload all the published panorama tour/virtual tour files to your website and submit the panorama tour/virtual tour LINK to your listings in ( will charge the virtual tour posting fee per virtual tour). Please refer to Real Estate Solutions. If you just want to display the panorama tour/virtual tour in your own website, you can just upload them and add a link to the panorama tour/virtual tour in one of your pages.

What are published panorama tour/virtual tour files?

  • After using Panoweaver to stitch panoramas, you can not only save the panoramic image as *.jpg or other formats, but also publish the panoramic image to a panorama tour in Flash/QuickTime/Java Applet, and this panorama tour contains several files, which should be all uploaded to the hosting server. One of the files is called "panoname.html", so your panorama tour LINK will be
  • After using Tourweaver to create virtual tours, you can publish the tour as Flash/Java Applet. The published tour contains several files, including skins components, images in the tour, and other necessary files, which should all the uploaded to the server. One of the files is called "tourname.html", and your virtual tour LINK will be

Note: You can change the names of the html file ("panoname.html","tourname.html")that opens the tour. You can upload the panorama tour/virtual tour to any directory of the server, but all the files for a specific panorama tour/virtual tour should be in the same folder.

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