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How do I use HD video in Tourweaver7 ?

You can out put VIDEO as DVD, VCD, MPG, AVI or FLV formats.
In Tourweaver7 we add AVI and FLV format so you can not only play it on TV or Youtube and other video display players but also add it in your tour. You can customize the path of the movie tour We can separate the whole virtual tour into two parts of movies---Autoplay movie and Interactive movie . 
When you publish a tour and you open it. It will rotate itself and autoplay itself. This is the Autoplay movie. But when you click the autoplay movie or click the button or hotspot by mouse and do interactive action. The tour will switch into interactive model automatically and this is the Interactive Movie. The two movies are merged together perfectly just like one movie. 

Generally speaking, when you add a scene the program add one frame autoplay movie as default. You can also add or customize the path and speed of the movie and every scene for Autoplay movie. They are just like slide show. You can set by "MovieREC" or setting each scene properties. 
You can also output the video separately as slide show or just video. You can choose which movie you want to use to merge with the interactive video before publish.

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