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Which HTML5 features will be available in the most common browsers in Tourweaver?

  1. The latest IE, Chrome, Safaty and Firefox support HTML5.
  2. Google Maps Street View Currently, Google Maps Street view only open and provide HTML5 API. For Flash Google has not provide Flash API. So Easypano only support HTML5 Google Maps Street View and bing map. As soon as Google open Flash Google Maps Street View API, Easypano will update and provide this feature for Flash tour.
  3. The function difference chart between HTML5 virtual tour and Flash tour. Please check: 
  HTML5 virtual tour Flash tour virtual tour Google Map Street View
  What is the difference between Tourweaver Standard and Tourweaver Professional? How to add Loading video,SWF video,FLV video and Online video in my tour in tourweaver7 ? 

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