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How to use my credits? What is the Credits Exchange rules?

You can use you credits to download Virtual Tour Elements, you may also accumulate your credits to exchange Easypano products:
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What Can You Do with EP-Sky Credits?

1. Download Free Skins and Virtual Tour Elements like Buttons, Hotspots, Loading bars, Thumbnails and other useful icons

All Easypano users may upload your original 360 degree panoramas, virtual tours, and virtual tour elements to EP-sky to increase your Credits. If your works are approved by Easypano EP-Sky or you comment other members' works, you will receive Easypano redeem credits and bonus credits. With enough credits, you are entitled to download other member's resources. The Credits details are as below:

DownloadSkin (made by Easypano)2020 Credits will be deducted from your account for downloading 1 skin
Skin (made by users)1-20Credits will be deducted from your account according to uploader customized credits, ranging from 1to20, uploader will gain 30% of the customized credits from each download
Other Elements1-100

2. Puchase Easypano panoramic software with Credits(at most 30% discount)

You may also exchange your accumulated Credits for Easypano coupon code (30% discount) for software purchase or $50 coupon code for software upgrade, which may save your costs on software upgrade and purchase.

Credits ExchangeSoftware Upgrade500Totally 500 Credits only can be used for exchanging $50 cupon code for each software upgrade
Note: Limited to software upgrade which costs over $150 and only twice a year
Purchase ProductCredits + USDPanoweaver Std:400 Credits + $69.95
Panoweaver Pro:1200 Credits + $209.95
Touweaver Std:800 Credits + $139.95
Touweaver Pro:3000 Credits + $489.95
Note: You may exchange corresponding credits to coupon code of 30% discountfor each product (Limited to twice a year)

How to Acquire My Credits?

In EP-Sky, there are many ways to increase your Credits. Please take following actions to gain your EP-Sky Credits:
Get Credits
Pro200Tourweaver 7 Pro licensed users will receive initial 200 Credits in user's account after product purchase
Std50Tourweaver 7 Std licensed users will receive initial 50 Credits in Easypano user account after product purchase
Upload*Skin6060 Credits per skin 
(Upload compressed file package in .rar, .zip, .7z format, which includes a source folder and a .sk format file)
Panoramic Image1010 Credits per panoramic image
(maximum 20 images per day, support jpg/.gif/.bmp/.png format images,)
Virtual Tour2020 Credits per virtual tour 
The virtual tour uploaded shall compose of 5 panoramic images at least. (except for some high quality virtual tours)
(maximum 20 tours per day, support compressed virtual tour package uploading)
Virtual tour Elements10-20 Buttons/Hotspots10The compressed file package shall contains at least 8 main buttons (i.e. Up, Down, Left, Right, Previous; Next, Zoom In, Zoom Out etc.) (support .jpg .gif .bmp .png format images)
21-30 Buttons/Hotspots20
31-40 Buttons/Hotspots30
41-100 Buttons/Hotspots41-90
101 or More Buttons/Hotspots100
Flash Thumbnail20Support .swf format file
SWF Progress Bar10Support .swf format file
CommentComment1You will receive 1 Credit in reviewing other user's works. Your comment must contain at least 30 characters; you are allowed to comment 10 times for each day, and 200 times in one month.**
Sign inSign In Credit1You can sign in EP-Sky to get 1 Credit for each day.

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  I hope to be able to customize some of the resources, you could help me? There are only few features on the skin, why? 

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