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What’s the different between Tourweaver and VRTourMaker?

VRTourMaker is the next generation of Tourweaver

Generally speaking, it is basically the same as virtual tour made by Tourweaver. But when refers to switch two-eye VR mode through a smartphone, it must be VRTourMaker.

VRTourMaker is developed with the trends of browser and discards the Flash format.It was designed for HTML5 time. HTML5 format file that VRTourMaker created can be played from basic latest PC / Mac browser and smartphone.

Tourweaver has more features, but it is relatively professional to operate.Many operations are added to the default by VRTourMaker, so it is not a complicated tour.VRTourMaker can be completed more efficiently and easily, for non-professional people can use it well.
  What’s the different between Tourweaver and VRTourMaker?
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