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How to open the file permissions on macOS

To view virtual tour locally, user can use the LocalBrowseServer ( provided by easypano ) to create a local mini web server.

However, for some versions of macOS systems, due to higher security requirements, LocalBrowseServer will fail when opening the localBrowseServer because it does not have the permission to access local files.  At that time, users only needs to open the file permissions on the macOS system.
There are two ways to open file permissions.
First method is to set user folder access permissions.
Please find "System Preferences"->"Security and Privacy", then select "Files and Folders" to open the terminal. Select "Download Folder", "Document Folder" and "Desktop Folder" shown as below: 

After permission setting, copy the published virtual tours file package into one of the current user's three folders, and then run local browse server to view virtual tour locally.

The second method is to set full disk access permission, shown as below: 

  How to view virtual tour locally on macOS?
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