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Adobe has stopped the support to Flash, so how to preview the project of Tourweaver.

There are many functions based on Flash Technology in Tourweaver. But Adobe has stopped the support for Flash. Also Tourweaver can not preview the project any more.

Easypano provide a free local web server - LocalBrowseServer to help users to preview the virtual tour that is published by Tourweaver. The software can be downloaded by the following link:
About how to use this software, please follow the steps below:
  1. Output your virtual tour project to HTML5 format.
  2. Copy LocalBrowseServer to your virtual tour folder.
  3. Double click LocalBrowseServer to run it. It will create a local web server environment and launch the default browser to open the file list page of the virtual tour folder. (Don't close the black window that LocalBrowseServer creates.)
  4. Find the index file of your virtual tour in the browser and open it. And then, the virtual tour will be opened. Now you can check your virtual tour.
  5. If you want to update your virtual tour, just edit it in Tourweaver and republish it. After publishing, refresh the virtual tour page that opened in previous step and the page will show the new virtual tour.

NoteFor Mac OSX, due to higher security, users have to open the file permissions on the Mac system before viewing virtual tour locally. 

Also Easypano has released a new virtual tour software - VRTourMaker that is based on HTML5 completely. This software perfectly solves the problems about Flash. It can make a virtual tour that can be watched on all devices, such as smartphone, tablet, PC/mac browsers, etc.
    For more details, please visit:
    The trial link is as follow:
Users can try it for free.
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