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How do I take pictures for panorama images?


Do not use Auto mode. Use Aperture-priority auto mode instead. The right process should be:

  • 1.Assemble all the necessary equipments and ensure stable tripod.
  • 2.Preset the camera: f1 lens, A mode, image size and quality. These settings apply to different scenes.
  • 3.Adjust the camera: White balance, aperture, exposure compensation. These settings are only fit for specific scene.
  • 4.Exp> AE-lock> ON
  • 5.Take the 1st picture.
  • 6.Rotate the camera 180 degree or 120 degree-
  • 7.Take the 2nd or 3rd picture
  • 8.Move to another scene
  • 9.Exp> AE-lock> Off
  • 10.Repeat Number
    Please refer to "3 Photography Hints" of the Panoweaver user manual for more.
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