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Can you please tell me how to make a 360 VR Tour of a car (interior)?

1. Because the space in the car is small and the light is dark, please try to choose the photography time when the sunshine out of the car is ample, such as at noon. You should utilize the natural light environment to assure even lights and never use the interior light.

2. Because the space in a car is very small, the tripod is not easy to stand evenly. You could stretch out its fine legs if the tripod has or use a unipod.

3. To make the frontal seat visible, you should fix the camera as high as the head cushion of the seat. Better fix the camera before the center of the car to get a clearer sight of the car equipments, such as the car dial plate.

4. To avoid the image unreal, you should try to reduce the noise. And as the light contrast between the exterior and interior may be very larger, you should enhance the value of the aperture (no need to the max, but to about 6.2) and shorten the shutter time (better less than 1/60 second). If the light in the car is enough, you could use M to adjust the exposal parameter.
  360 VR Tour of a car (interior) take photos in a car fix the camera
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