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Which software do we need to stitch photos together and create the virtual tours?

Easypano Panoweaver and Tourweaver are two main software used for creating virtual tour. Panoweaver is mainly used to stitch images into 360 degree panorama. It can process only one panorama at a time. Tourweaver can't stitch images into virtual tour, but it is able to integrate many panoramas into one virtual tour with map, hotspots, thumbnail, flash, audio file, etc.
Studio 2014 Standard Edition for Mac contains Panoweaver standard edition& Tourweaver standard edition, which have some basic features to stitch a panorama and make a virtual tour.

Studio 2014 Professional Edition contains Panoweaver professional edition& Tourweaver professional edition, which have various features to help you realize different effects.
Briefly speaking, Pro edition supports many features that Standard edition doesn’t support, like branding free(add your website URL to right click context menu) is only possible in Pro edition, batch stitching, HDR& raw image stitching (Panoweaver), multiple maps, fly-out media, 3D objects and pop up window (Tourweaver).
More detailed edition comparison(what features are supported by professional only), 
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Generally, our other clients who make panorama and virtual tour for commercial use, educational use or for corporation promotional activities such kind of things, they will choose professional edition, and for personal use or causal interest, people will buy standard edition.
Certainly you can upgrade Mac version the same as Windows version, just upgrade Ponoweaver and Tourweaver separately.

  • Free  Update & Upgrade
Normally upgrade costs some fee, but update is free, for example, update from Panoweaver 8.0 to 8.6 is free, upgrade from 8.6 to 9 is not free.
But since now Studio 2014 for Mac is under developing and Studio 2014 for Windows has already come out, if you buy Studio 2013 for Mac now, we can give you a special offer that when Studio 2014 Mac comes out, we can upgrade Panoweaver for you for free.
As for tutorial videos, please visit .

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