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360 panoramic view of house properties

At present, plane display of house properties can't meet clients increasing needs for more information. Though the display model made by 3D Max or other 3D software looks good, it feels not real and costs a lot of time and money. As a new and effective display method for house properties, 360 panoramas not only look good and real, but also have abundant information and high interactivity. Meanwhile it's easy and fast to make 360 panoramas, thus it is widely accepted by real estate companies and becomes a main and popular display method for house properties. Now in first-tier cities, you can see 360 panoramic display for almost ever newly built buildings.

In addition, real estate companies can record the 360 panoramic display of their houses into CDs as an important digital promotional method, which enables their clients to know the detailed information of the house being sold directly, fast and comprehensively, so as to increase the sale.

Features of house properties 360 panoramic display:

  • Easy to make, low cost and time saving;
  • Small project size, suitable for online transfer and display;
  • Large quantity of information, no blind spot in 360 degree, real scenes with high stereoscopic impression and immersive;
  • When viewing the panoramic project of houses, clients can drag the mouse to any point to view and also zoom in to see details. Besides, hotspots, online maps, compass, fly-out media, pop up image, text description and background music and commentary can be well inserted into the panoramic project, creating a perfect viewing experience.
  • No limit in time and space, clients can see the house at anytime, anywhere;
  • Multi-platforms support, like PC, mobiles, tablets and touch screens.

Application of house properties 360 panoramic display:

  • houses display: Get rid of the time and space limit, enable clients to see the house at anytime, anywhere. Replace salesman on spot and save expenditures. After viewing the house 360 panoramic view, clients’ needs are more clear for real estate companies, which can reduce the blindness in sales activities and shorten the transaction time, especially for office workers and clients in distant area.
  • Real estate agents: No need to show their clients around the house every time, save time and cost for salesman so they can spend more time on clients with high purchase intension and thus increase the sale.
  • Construction companies: Process virtual 3D images directly, create 360 panoramic view without shooting images; simulate real scenes, show the under-construction house in advance; excellent displaying effect with high stereoscopic impression can attract more potential clients is helpful to win the biding and investment; break the restriction of plane sketch or 3D Max files, show a 360 panoramic view for clients; Nowadays, under increasingly intense competition, using 360 panoramic technology to show house properties can make the fixed sales office be a mobile one, to provide close-to-clients service and finally stand out from the competition.
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