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3D Panoramic Presentation of Digital Exhibition Hall

Digital Exhibition Hall is also called Multi-media Exhibition Hall, based on artistic design, it combines multi-media technology and digital technology to show the object (to be displayed) in digital way and make it interact with clients. 3D Panoramic technology is a fast-developed new vision technology which becomes gradually popular worldwide. It combines visual effect, background commentary, flash, video and other multi-media elements, which creates an immersive environment and real interactive effect for clients to view 3D panoramas from different view angle. Essentially, 3D Panoramic technology is virtual reality technology based on images, it has 3D effect, which enables the client to "visit" the digital exhibition hall at home.

Features of 3D Panoramic Digital Exhibition Hall:

  • Audio, video, flash and other multi-media elements are inserted into the digital exhibition hall, which enable clients to interact with those objects in the virtual scene and experience the immersive exhibition hall;
  • Drag the mouse from any spots of the exhibition hall, users can zoom in/out and change to any view angle in 360 degree at will, also they can walk through the virtual tour. The objects can be rotated to and viewed from any angle, greatly improve user experience;
  • Various display platforms: it can be displayed on website, multi-media touch screen, full screen projection, mobile devices, 360 panoramic display system; it can be recorded as DVD as well to promote the digital exhibition hall;
  • Compare with other virtual technologies like 3D modeling technology, it takes shorter time, lower cost, and it's more convenient to update.

Application of 3D Panoramic technology:

  • Expo: Generally, high cost, tight deadline, poor effect are common problems exist in promotion activities of Expo, companies and advertisement. While 3D panoramas can record the real-time condition of each company in the Expo and then reappear. This innovation in display mode helps companies to save expenditure and resources, enhance the effect of promotion activities.
  • Museums,Historic Museums: Combine the panoramas of museums, historic museums and other places with their own characteristics with electronic maps, users can visit any stadium as they want, just need to drag the mouse slightly, with the background music and commentary, images, flash, video and other multi-media elements, they can get more immersive experience.
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