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3D Auto Solution

To meet customers'need, 3D panorama show is a good choice. Customers will see the interior of the car with the feeling of sitting in the car. And they can operate with the mouse to see each corner of the car. In addition, we can also create the exterior of the car with Modelweaver and then show the 4S store perfectly in a virtual tour. For example: enter a 4S store, click on one of the car, pop up the 360 panorama of the car directly. And then click the hotspot, enter the car to admire the interior of the car. The exterior and the interior can be switched easily. That's just the auto 3D panorama show.

Auto 3D Panorama show:

The traditional show of the car is based on print media and TV media which has been unsatisfying for the customers. For example:

  • Type of exhibition: due to the limit of the amount and expense of the exhibition, many potential buyer will miss the opportunity.
  • TV media: advertisement expenditure is massive, production cost is high, provided information is limited.
  • Newspapers or other print media: the expression is not rich and the information is not efficient.

Features of 3D Auto panorama show:

  • Directly showing the interior and exterior of the car on internet allows clients to know more about the car and make a choice.
  • 4S store can be presented on internet with 3D panorama technology and gain more popularity.
  • Take images with DSLR camera, fisheye lens, panoramic head and tripod and stitch into high-quality panorama to show the interior and details of the car.
  • The exterior of the car can be present from any perspective and the auto show will stay alive on internet. The CD can also be sent to the customer so it will be more efficient to sell cars.

Application of 3D Panorama in Auto Show

  • Used-car auction: it's convenient for buyers to have a look at the car on internet and save time. It's interactive for customers to see interior and exterior of the car from any perspective.
  • Auto web site: The website can improve the traffic and attract more clients with 360 Panorama show. Auto sellers would improve their image and expertise
  • Automobile dealer: Publish 360 Panorama of new cars with 360 panorama technology and let the clients feel the quality of the car without timely and closely.
  • Auto maker: design new vehicle type by importing the modeling from 3Dmax into Modelweaver. Different design projects can be presented as interactive 3D virtual reality.
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