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Display of Virtual Tourism

Tourism is one of the most promising and popular industry. Due to the limit of time and space and other objective factors, virtual tourism is necessary to expand the tourism industry. There is huge demand for developing virtual tourism both at home and abroad. What’s virtual tourism? It is to create a virtual tourism environment based on real landscape and use some technologies that enable users to visit the place like they were on the scene.

Using camera to shoot photos of real scenes and then processing those photos with panoramic software to create a 360 virtual tour, which can be exported into flash format(for web) and html5 format(for iOS and Android),users can use the mouse to navigate the virtual tour, zoom in/out or visit any angle in 360 degree.

Features of virtual tourism:

  • No blind spot in 360 degree both horizontally and vertically; users can visit wherever they want;
  • Based on real scene shooting, it feels real and stereo;
  • Using professional DSLR camera, fisheye lens, panoramic head and tripod make sure the high quality of virtual tour;
  • High interactivity, users can drag the mouse to visit any points or "walk through" the virtual tour.
  • Various videos, images, text description, audio and flashes can be inserted;
  • The immersive environment makes users feel they are on the scene.
  • Good effect with low cost and short creating time.

Application of virtual tourism displaying:

  • Traffic routes, hotels and landmark buildings of the scenic spot can be shown in virtual tour, which helps tourists to know more information and experience in advance, attract more potential tourists;
  • It can be used on website of the scenic spot to better promote the scenic spot and improve popularity.
  • Create multi-media touch screen of 360 panoramic tour and guide system of the scenic spot;
  • Record the landscape, tourism facilities and geographical conditions, which is helpful for further planning, protection and management;
  • Using Modealweaver to show historical relics, artware, clothes, food and local specialty, together with the virtual tour, can promote the trade of local products;
  • Showing programs to invite investment to scenic spot: virtual tour provide great description and displaying effect of those programs that found to attract investment. Using virtual reality technology to completely show the advantages of a tourism program can make it more convenient and effective to evaluate this program at the very beginning.
  • Tourism administration department can use 360 panoramic technologies to promote the scenic spot, introduce local specialty, attract more tourists and build a virtual tour e-commerce platform.
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