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With the development of digital campus, it becomes more important to digitalize various information. How to digitalize campus information? In the age of multi-media information, presenting campus scenery, key lab, teaching environment, library, campus culture, international education college and web center with 360 panorama and virtual tour software obtains satisfying effect.

It's a good way to combine 360 panorama and the digital campus now. In virtual campus presentation, viewers feel like in the beautiful scenery and the teaching environment sitting front of the computer. The function of each building, service process and contact can also be marked in the virtual, which helps them to know more about the campus.

Features of 360 Panorama virtual campus:

  • It's easy to make a campus virtual tour with a DSLR camera, a fisheye lens, a panoramic head, a tripod and the virtual tour studio(Panoweaver and Tourweaver).
  • All the scenes in virtual tour is based on the real world. The posters in campus can be simulated by Polygonal hotspot and Fly-out media. Presentation of school's environment, condition and achievement with 360 panorama technology will not only attract students and their parents, but also absorb investment and expand the popularity.
  • It's highly universal and of good compatibility with other multi-media software. It is also convenient for archiving and presenting of the materials.
  • The viewer can zoom in and zoom out from any perspective to feel the campus and the object in it.

Application of 360 panorama virtual Campus

  • Present Campus scenery, key lab and campus culture in website designing of Information center of academic institutes.
  • Overall presentation of online virtual tour of digital museum such as History, Archaeology, Medicine, Biology and so on.
  • Planning and construction of academic institutes and campus.
  • University publicity department advertise various resources.
  • School of Architecture or Design's virtual reality teaching.
  • Use of virtual tour and presentation about scenic spots in institute of tourism
  • The set up of virtual tour lab and the application of geographic information system.
  • The making of CAI courseware of multi-media teaching and multi-media disc.
  • Set up 360 object presentation of cultural relic, biological sample, teaching model, Industrial Design, mould, electronics, medical organ and so on.

Typical Use:

Medical Center of Fudan University
Computer engineering dept and archaeology application of Nanjing University
Tourism and multi-media teaching of Beijing Normal University
Online college of Wuhan University of Technology
Zhejiang Normal University
Geographical Information Application of Kunming University
Dalian Nationalities University
Guangdong University of Technology
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