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Street view solution

City street view is a brand new map service mode, which aroused public attention and expectation since it come out. Street view are created by the street view capture vehicle which is able to shoot 360 degree photos, and after process these photo into panoramas and upload to server, so that people can browser these street view image online. In contrast with 2D plan map, street view display a 3D effect map which is more interesting and more informative. Every viewer feels like being in that place and enjoy scenery worldwide in there home. Not only street view, some store along the streets are also included, like Google street view, it display in map and contains store introduction and all other useful information.

City street view applies the advanced 3D panorama technology so bring us the new visual experience. This is the way of browsing map in first person vision, it able to provide real, accurate and detailed map information. Street view innovated a brand new mapping mode and a live map experience. Around the world, many search engine companies now provide street view map service. Street view is a technical innovation which is surely provide map solution supplier and users more ideas and opportunity.

Features of 3D street view map technology

  • You can calculate 3D coordinates of the physical object, experience real-time 3D panoramic maps interactive tour and roaming without blind field. In addition, it support smart phone applications (Android, iOS).
  • Shooting 360-degree FOV photos, use street view capturing cars to shoot along the streets and use panohead and tripod to collect a single place where is hard to reach by car. In this way. Street view can realize the real "human perspective" map browsing experience, you can view anywhere a person can reach. After, data are output for post-processing (i.e. image stitching, optimization, compression, matching and splitting for multi resolution display).
  • The product is also greatly innovated in user experience, such as to add a button switching between day and night, to enhance image clarity, smooth and fluency, as well as screen inertial systems. With the improvement of the network environment, a higher picture quality streets view product will be introduced.

3D Street View Application

  • Electronic map/Online map is now widely applied in various fields, and many applications based on LBS are emerged. However, the way of the current location service is relatively simple, only provide location, direction and path navigation functions. It's failed to provide complete information of complex junctions, entrances or buildings which are hard to illustrate on map in details. In this case, street view maps come out as a great supplementary.
  • Navigate: You can view and navigate through street view, which help users to know their own position and landmark buildings to determine their path of travel and destination. Therefore, street navigation is particularly important for big cities, which is a good tool to drive, just like a GPS inside of people's heart.
  • The digital city, intelligent city are the application of combining 3D street view with GIS, remote sensing, networking, multimedia. The digital and smart city provide 3D visualization management and planning support, showing 3D images of the city's street, scenery, and geography. Besides, 3D view with a variety of GIS technology will directly reflects the intelligent city management.

Featured Cases

  • Beijing Geo Vision Information Technologies Co., Ltd
  • Tianjin Eco-City Investment& Development Co., Ltd
  • Ninbo Daxiang Network Technology Co., Ltd
  • Liaocheng Bureau of Surveying, Mapping and Exoneration
  • Wenshan Yitu Network Culture Media Co., Ltd.
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