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360 Panorama & Virtual Tour E-commerce Solution

With the development of e-commerce, people made further exploration on products display, like video, Flash movie and virtual space etc. All these efforts are to promote product and enhance users’ experience which are helpful for their final deal. As users, they mostly hope to see real product and view in every angel, the real the better. Display in 360 degree panorama meet customers requirement because it looks even realistic and actual. It will be a trend of e-commerce and this application you can see in some popular online shopping sites. You can not only see the products displayed in 3D mode, but also experience the real store shopping surroundings, thus received more customers reliance.

High lights of 360 panorama on E-commerce

  • View products in 360 degree enable viewer to see more detailed information, which optimize their visual experience. After building the 3D images of product, you can drag mouse to control scene direction and rotate the 3D object VR movie to observe.
  • 360 panoramas are used to display shopping environment inside each store or shopping center, hotspot is used to switch scene and pop up image to highlight store layout. In combining with 3D object VR movie, customer can easily rotate and check their favorite items. Click on the hotspot, the order online page will pop up so facilitate the online transaction between customers and store.
  • 360 panorama is easy to operate and highly efficient, it’s able to be published into Flash format pano and upload to website, and also in HTML5 format to watch with iPad and iPhone.

360 Panorama Application on E-Commerce

  • Object 360 degree view is the best way of complimentary display for product 2D image, which can present the real product even it is actually exquisitely packaged.
  • 360 panorama increase user’s reliance on their online store, and release their concerns and uncertainness on choosing products. As plan image delivers few information and some images are over rendered, which found significant difference between the received item and image from website, thus caused customers’ unsatisfactory to items and refund. As customer, they undergo worse shopping experience, for dealer, they lost a customer and expected sales volume.
  • Application of panorama and virtual tour for online business mainly fastened on B2B and B2C websites, as some companies also need an online platform to showcase and promote their products. Their company image and office, as well as workshop can be displayed in 360 panoramic image or tour. It’s effective to promote their company and helpful to build business trust.
  • To display an object, it is suggested to create a 3D VR object movie. It enables your customers to view your items in 360 degree from your website. This helps your client know well of their desired items before they deiced to buy, in this way, you saving a lot of time during pre-sale.

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