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Main features of Panowalker
  • Support multiple paths
  • Support adding hotspot (Link to Panorama, Popup Image, URL)
  • Publish to the local, full screen of player is supported
  • Publish Flash virtual tours with walkthrough effect (Support the transition effect Everyscape when scenes switch)
  • Support the background music as .mp3
What is the difference between Panowalker and Tourweaver?
The main difference between the two is that Panowalker can create continuous panoramic street view. In this demo created by Panowalker 2.00, you can "walk" in the street view and stop at any point to look around in 360 degree. Some users have created the street view of museum and a town.
Click to walk through the virtual tour place
Virtual tour example created by Tourweaver. You can look around 360 degree at one point and click hotspots or thumbnails to go to other scenes.
Click to experience the interactive virtual tour effect created by Tourweaver!
How can I obtain panoramas for Panowalker?
To get panoramic images for Panowalker, the shooting technique is quite important. There are also some requirements for the panoramic images.
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System requirements
Panowalker has Windows version currently.
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The Interface and Help Topics have English version only.
panorama software, photo stitching software
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