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As the first street view mapping project in the world, City8 start it in 2005 and published in 2006. Now new generation City8 Mobile Mapping System becomes a patented system that could efficiently collect 360° panoramic street view images and feature the street view with GIS. The results can be published online while the Mobile Mapping Equipments can be simply installed on top of a vehicle and work automatically and efficiently. Up to 10,000 *5,000 pixels resolution with high quality.

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City8 Mobile Mapping System

consists of 360°Panoramic Mobile Capturing Unit , Carrying Shelf Unit, GNSS Location Unit and Mobile Capturing Control Unit. City8 Capturing unit can take care of full environments. Meanwhile, it records and transfers at an extremely high resolution: up to 10000*5000, 50 million pixels, while City8 Mapping Control Software can reach two targets: Control Shooting, adjustinh camera parameters and Check Path, able to display shooting path, current location, latitude and longitude..LEARN MORE ›

City8 Image Control Software

City8 Image Capture Software (CICS) is a very important part of operating the City8 Mobile Mapping System on the way. Because it is the only program to control all the actions from the system (shooting, locating, setting and so on). With the built-in weather identification system, you can automatically capture the most appropriate image at the moment. Furthermore, IMU and Speedometer will be a great assist to ensure the driving route. LEARN MORE  ›

City8 Mobile Mapping Solution

City8 Mobile Mapping Solution bring you omni-directional information via its geo- based 360° panoramic images. It is widely used in the field of local search, navigation, urban & industry planning, homeland security, disaster planning & response, roadway management, city street view mapping, etc. LEARN MORE  ›
New City8 Mobile Mapping System have More Functions
  • Efficent data processing program(50 km/day) and multiresolution loading
  • Multiple options of mobile mapping or surveying system
  • Extremely high resolution:up to 10000*5000,50million pixels
  • Parse longitude, latitude and altitude of any point in recorded data
  • High accuracy global location and direction sensors.(IMU+GPS)
  • High level of system integration, only need one people to operate the car
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