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SWF Panorama

Have you ever think of exporting your panoramas to standalone SWF? Now you are able to create it with Panoweaver 8.0.

How to convert your panorama to standalone SWF?

Both Professional and Standard editions of Panoweaver 8 can convert panoramas into various formats, including standalone SWF.

Take Panoweaver 8.00 Professional as an example. Import your panoramic photo in Panoweaver and click Publish. There are 5 types of VR output: Merge Flash VR & HTML5, Flash VR, HTML5, Standalone SWF and QuickTime VR. Standalone SWF is the one for standalone SWF output.


Above is a spherical panorama stitched with Panoweaver 8.00 Professional edition. Compare the following two formats of output:

The standalone SWF can be easily integrated with your Flash website, as well as other Flash content.

Download Panoweaver to create SWF panorama!


Panoweaver 8

Photo Stitching software Panoweaver is Professional 360 panorama software as well as Flash/HTML5 panorama publisher from any type of photo.

The most powerful virtual tour creating software for integrating your panoramas with Google map,video, hotspot, ect.

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