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Best Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 7.70 Officially Released

After many users' elaborate test and prompt feedback, Easypano finally release the best virtual tour software Tourweaver 7.70 final version on time.


Both Flash and HTML5 player are dramatically improved to have a much smoother viewing experience. The players are recoded and totally new, enbles you to experience better interactive virtual tour on your PC, Mac, tablets and smart phones.

More Powerful

Multi-resolution enables to load large images quickly with less memory. Tourweaver 7.70 pro for win supports to load 200 megapixels at present and gigapixel will be supported soon.

Better Immersive Feeling

Gyro effect is greatly optimized to be more immersive. You can turn your iPad/iPhone in 360 degree to "drive" the vivid scenes.

In addition, multi-resolution is also supported in HTML5 tour, which improves image quality by supporting large images and also more compatible with IE 11 browser.

Virtual tour software

Note: User who has already owned Tourweaver 7 license key can free update your program to this latest version.

Welcome to download and update your Tourweaver to this new version and Easypano welcome any comment or suggestion from you.


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