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Tourweaver 7 Mac - Beta
Comparing with Tourweaver Mac Starter, Tourweaver 7 Mac possesses more powerful features, which are also identical to those of Tourweaver 7 Win Professional Edition, such as adding 3D object, Flash loading window, Day to night effect, Google/Bing Maps, as well as more splendid effects and more improved features for HTML5 tour, which will bring the audience better experience in viewing virtual tour on iPhone and iPad.

With this Mac version of Tourweaver, you will enjoy almost the same features of Tourweaver 7 for Windows except some minor differences, like the Movie REC function and Library list Panel not available and only 4 commonly used image types supported. Polygonal hotspot is not supported by Mac version at the moment, but all the missed features will be added in the future updates.

Note: If you have already had a license key for Tourweaver 7 Professional Edition for Windows, you can use the same key for activating Mac version after license has been transferred from Window version.

Note: The project created by TW 7 for Windows can't be supported by Mac version at the moment. You need to start it all over again.
What's new
Copyright (C) 2001-2012 Easypano Holdings Inc.
[ Legend: ]
[ + Added feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (we hope) ]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]

Easypano Tourweaver700 Mac
Builder: 7.00.121026

[-]Fixed bug of transparent color of thumbnail, by default, in the state of mouse over and mouse down.
[-]Resolving the issue of missing flash webpage file in published "_auto" folder when published project is named with Chinese character.
[-]Resolving the issue of failure to "open last project" by default in Tourweaver→Preference.
[-]Addressing the problem of pasting API key in property panel of Google map.
[-]Addressing the problem that Google map will be greyed out when changing the value of longitude or latitude.
[-]Resolving the issue of invalid target azimuth of popuowindow in "action" edition panel.
[-]Resolving the issue that all popupwindows appear at the same position once one of the popupwindows is anchored.

Easypano Tourweaver700 Mac
Builder: 7.00.121012

[-]Optimized the link to scene window
[+]Added flash11 player engine
[-]Fixed the failure of automatically open published folder caused by project name with Chinese characters
[-]Resolved the program crash when opening project
[-]Resolving the empty publish settings panel after clicking "publish" button.
[-]Resolving the issue of no effective drag of hotspot on Google map.
[-]Optimizing the generation of Google map.

Easypano Tourweaver700 Mac
Builder: 7.00.120717

[-]Address the occasional viewing problem after publishing.
[-]Address the problem of incorrect popup position of popupwindow in HTML 5.
[-]Address the problem that the progress bar is not centered after the project published in single swf format.
[-]Address the display problem of Google maps in HTML 5.

Easypano Tourweaver700 Mac
Builder: 7.00.120710

[+]Google/bing Maps
[+]3D Object
[+]Adding action from right-click menu
[+]Open player API
[+]Support Adobe Flash Player 11 and improve playing quality.
[+]Standalone SWF tour supports Adobe Flash Player 11.
[+]7 new transition effects are added.
[+]Component position can be anchored automatically.
[+]Little planet effect is supported.
[*]Optimized Flash Player 10 engine.
[*]Optimized snow and rain effects.
[*]Object anchoring has been optimized.
[*]Hotspot and Radar can be added via Right Click menu in the editing mode of Scene and Map.
[*]More customized attributes have been added to Thumbnail.
[*]More Flash Thumbnail samples are added.
[*]Switch between "Scale to Browser Window" and "Specified Size" after building a new project.
[*]You can open and close multiple Popupwindows.
[*]Text, picture and SWF can be used as Hint.
[*]optimize the publish speed of html5 format

Added/improved features for HTML5 Tour:

[+] Support Text component.
[+] Cylindrical panorama is support for HTML5 tour now.
[+] Support Still Image type scene.
[+] Support Image component.
[+] Support TextArea component.
[*] Support adding separated common Map and GoogleMaps.
[*] Support both"Specified Size" and "Scale to Browser Window".
[*] Support Anchoring function for all components.
[*] Support Anchoring function for PopupWindow.
Testing Points
You are welcome to be one of the testers. Please pay attention to the following features.
Your feedbacks and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

1. Google/Bing maps
2. Various types of scenes
3. Thumbnail
4. HTML5 publishing format

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