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YPR (Yaw, Pitch, Roll) Function

YPR (Yaw, Pitch, Roll) Function with Panoweaver 9.20
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This video tutorial introduce how to use YPR in Panoweaver professional edition. YPR is a function that you can use to adjust the horizontal and vertical level of the stitched spherical panorama, to make it match the horizontal line in Panoweaver editing window.
You can follow the following steps to use it:
Step 1: Click YPR button to enter YPR Mode, in this mode the panorama is devided into many dragable parts.
Step 2: Use the left mouse button to drag the curved part to make the horizon of the panorama match the horizontal line in the Panoweavr editing window.
Step 3: Click YPR button again to save your change
PS: By far only spherical panorama is supported to edit.