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Add Polygonal Hotspots

Add Polygonal Hotspots
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Add Hotspot / Polygonal hotspots

With Polygonal hotspot feature you can make your panorama tour more enjoyable and interactive.

Please follow the following steps:

  1. Double click scene name;
  2. Click polygonal hotspot button;
  3. Click along the object outline to mark polygon hotsport, mark carfully to achieve the ideal result.
  4. Double click to finish marking;
  5. Go to properties panel to set Opacity parameter of polygonal hotspot in three states;
  6. After, set action of this polygonal hotspot;
  7. You may select Link it to scene to swithch to another scene, 
  8. Select one scene and click ok
  9. Or use a Popup window to pop up 3D object animation, polygonal hotspot can be used in may cases.