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Popup Image/3D Object
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To link to a specified image or flash in a popup window, the pop up image support drag to move when viewing tour. You can add Pop up Image action to Hotspot. After this action is added to hotspot, when clicking on the hotspot, the relative image will be shown in a popup window right beside the mouse.

How to set popup image to hotspots?

Tourweaver 7 supports not only bmp, gif and jpg formats, but also flash file like swf format.

1.Choose the right image or Flash you're going to show in the popup window.

2.Set popup window size. You can choose Image size which is in the same size with the selected image. Or choose Customized and define the width and height of popup window as you want, you may also choose to scale to browser window by set the W,H % values if you need to show your tour with smart phones, tablets and PCs.

What's more, you can also customize the color of popup window title bar via title bar setting , Window Background Color, etc. You can choose ”hide title bar” by choose ’hide title bar’ setting. If you choose ’Hide title bar’, after you view this pop image and want to close it. Just click any part of the image.

Also you can specify the popup position by Location setting.

Tips: For flash popup image, you may create more interactive effect. Like multiple tabs in one popup image.

The popup image also support drag to move in both flash and HTML5 viewer.

Note: In flash viewer, the popup image window has the zoom in/out effect after selecting customized window size, the buttons of zoom in/out feature can also be customized.