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Virtual Home Tour

Why create virtual tours for homes?

Virtual home tour is created with Virtual Reality Technology to help home buyers to take a home tour, it is virtual, online and at home.

A prospective home buyer may not have enough time to go and see every house listing, so if you have created virtual tours for your home listings for them to see at home, you will find that you are getting more enquries and quicker sale.

Whether you are a realtor or a virtual tour provider, you should know the buyers believe the still images no longer. Obviously the still photos are not very accurate, but a Flash panoramic virtual tour can allow the buyers to see every detail of the house.

Nowadays home virtual tours are a very important part of online real estate listing. More and more people are using the internet to search for home information, and with virtual tours, the information revealed in the listing is more than thousands of words.

Easypano has started virtual tour technology development since 2001, and more than 10,000 customers are now using Easypano products for creating virtual tours.

What virtual tour service does Easypano offer?

Easypano offers both virtual tour software and service.

If you prefer highly-customized Flash virtual tours with interactive components like hotspots, maps, radars, external links and various actions, you can choose Easypano Tourweaver to create professional home tours.

If you prefer simple online platform to create and also host Flash virtual tours with both 360 degree panoramic images and still images, choose Easypano Tour Hosting platform. This new service helps real estate agents create professional virtual tours with many great features like full screen display. Click following image to see a sample tour created by Tour Hosting platform.

360 home tour

No matter you are creating home virtual tours as a designer, targeting real estate clients , or creating virtual tours for your real estate listings, you can always benefit from offering a great virtual tour, or attracting great many potential customers. Besides, creating a 360 home tour with Tour Hosting platform is quite easy and time-saving.

How to create and host virtual home tours online in Tour Hosting platform?

With Easypano Tour Hosting platform, to create and host 360 home tours online is quite simple.

Free photo stitching software is offered for creating 360 degree cylindrical panoramic images.

Download free software Instant Pano.

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