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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 2.00 Introduction

Tourweaver 2.00 is the most compelling virtual tour authoring software to make creative 360 panoramic virtual tour. Over thousands of professional customers from real estate, web designing, colleges, government and other special markets are using this software to create virtual tours of abundant effect, such as interactive map, hotspot, radar, walkthrough, movie, text, link, etc. Inheriting all the superiorities from previous version, Tourweaver 2.00 deeply enriches the virtual tour result and takes you to a brand new virtual tour world.

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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 2.00 New Features

  • Full screen for both scene viewer and map viewer
  • Multiple maps
  • Walkthrough effect
  • More audio formats supported
  • Export video tour (for VCD, SVCD and DVD)
  • Dynamic text
  • Active panel
  • Hundreds of different actions for components
  • Stronger customization
  • More types of source image supported

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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 2.00 Key Features:

  • Link spherical panorama, cylindrical panorama and still image together to build a web based 360 virtual tour
  • Customize virtual tour skin and scene visually
  • Add hotspots which can be linked to panorama, still images, audio or another virtual tour
  • Set tour path to control the timing and virtual tour walkthrough
  • Tailor multiple interactive map with radar effect
  • Generate virtual tour as web applet format, which is easily posted to web and no plug-in necessary when viewing.

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What kind of input does Tourweaver accept?

Spherical panorama, cylindrical panorama, single fisheye image, Kaidan one shot, 0-360 one shot, remote reality one shot and still images are all compatible with Tourweaver for a virtual tour. There are various solutions for you to get virtual tour source images.

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Tourweaver Edition Comparison

Tourweaver 2.00 has two editions: Professional Edition and Standard Edition. Either of them can create beautiful virtual tour, while the professinoal version provides you with more freedom for a virtual tour with more professional outlooking. The major differences: private branding, videos export, multiple maps and three sources for Thumbnail, Listbox and Combobox.

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System Requirement of Using Tourweaver to Create Virtual Tour

OS Platform

Macintosh OS is not supported.

system requirement of virtual tour software

Multi-language Version

It is unnecessary to download any language plug-ins. Language files have already been embedded in the installation package. The interface will changes according to your OS language. Please note that all the user manual is only available in English.

Acknowledgement to the translators:

German - Thomas B. Kunz
Spanish - Fernando Jimenez
Italian - Martino Agnoletto
French - Alexandre Gagnaire
Romanian - Dorin Godja
Czech - Roman Janulek

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