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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 2.00 Key Features

Below are main features of Easypano Tourweaver 2.00:

1. Fluid Work environment
Introducing Grids&Guides, Layout toolbar and Active panel, Tourweaver 2.00 makes it much easier and more accurate to set up tour skin.

  • Grids and guides
    You can align components on tour skin more accurately and conveniently now.
  • Layout toolbar
    Layout toolbar makes it easier and faster to set up multiple components.
  • Active panel
    Compared with the previous version, the interface of Tourweaver 2.00 is more active and flexible.

2. Creative Empowerment
In this version, you’ll find so many amazing new features which give a break-through in making VT.

  • Action technique
    This is a brand new technique to let user add certain actions to component according to different situations.
  • Dynamic text
    You’ll never be bothered by descriptions of different scenes now because Textarea allows dynamic text based on scenes, maps and even movies.
  • Multiple maps
    From now on, a complicated tour is possible. You can put the whole villa into one tour easily by using multiple maps.
  • Popup Image
    You can add popup images to your tour like detail image, logo, etc.
  • Performance Enhancement
    We’ve applied a better algorithm into Tourweaver 2.00. So it’s possible to import big images like 8000*4000 or bigger and tour may run more smoothly and stably.
  • Full screen
    When running tour, you can get a full screen of scene or map by double click on them.

3. Resource management
You can save those frequently used resources into Library panel so that you may directly apply them next time.

  • Skin Panel
    Skin panel allows you to save multiple skin templates so that you can apply these skins when creating project next time.
  • Image, sound and component
    You can save resources like image, sound and customized components into Library. Then drag them directly from library to skin for reuse.

4. Interactive Realization
By using hotspots, radars and navigation components, you can make virtual tour more interactive..

  • Hotspot
    Hotspot can be added on scene and map. It can refer to scene, map, url, popup image and so on according to different actions applied on it..
  • Radar
    Radar is added on map to synchronize with a certain scene so that viewer can easily make out the location.
  • Navigation components
    Thumbnail, listbox and combobox enable users to switch among different scenes, maps and movies discretionarily.

5. Highly customizing
Users are free to extend Tourweaver with API (application programming interface).

  • Tour movie
    You can create several different tour movies as you like and decide which one is to be run as default.
  • Stream loading
    Tourweaver 2.00 introduces stream loading to reduce the loading period when running tour via Internet. It provides several types for you to choose.
  • Loading Page
    The loading page which appears during loading tour can be completely customized.
  • Component appearance
    Every component’s appearance can be customized.
  • Show/hide hotspots
    In Tourweaver 2.00 you can group several hotspots and decide if they’re to be showed or hidden.
  • Walkthrough effect
    Walkthrough effect makes user feel like he himself is walking from one scene to another.

6. Multimedia
Tourweaver 2.00 makes big progress in supporting multimedia like video output and multiple audio formats.

  • Video output
    Virtual tour can be exported as a video in this new version.
  • Multiple audio formats
    Besides au, more audio formats are supported like mp3, wav, midi.
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