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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 2.00 VT Software Comparison

There are various virtual tour tools in the market nowsdays, and it is really difficult to choose which one to use because it takes quite a lot of time to try them out one by one. The comparison chart below displays the main features of several virtual tour solutions, and it will surely help you to learn the functions of current virtual tour tools. If you are not so sure of some features, you can visit Tourweaver gallery.




3D Vista Show

Photovista Virtual Tour

PTViewer Scripter

Virtual Tour Maker

Scource file

Spherical Panorama

Cylindrical Panorama

Still Image

Single fisheye image



Loading image

Private Branding


Viewer Skin

Fabulous and multiple viewer skin templates

Included in Tourweaver for your reference

Banner area at the top to display company branding.

Skin editor available to customize viewer skin visually

Integrated into Tourweaver

Need purchase separately.

Not visually customizing


Full Screen of Map and Scene viewer

Actions for buttons

Resource Library

Image, Sound and tour components can be saved for future use



Scene Editing

Set initial, min and max parameters for each scene

Transition effect

Add scene description

Word document for the whole virtual tour


Hotspot on Images

Only spherical panoramic image supported

Hotspot on Map

Show Pop-up Image



Another Virtual Tour

Global Options

Fully control the virtual tour timing and walkthrough

Movie Controller

Interactive Maps/ Floor plan

Radar on Map

Email To

Print Page

Execute Script

Encrypt Image

Multiple output option



Output Format


Java Applet


API scripting


Free upgrade policy

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