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Virtual Tour Software - Tourweaver 2.00 Source Images

Spherical panoramas, cylindrical panoramas, still image, single fisheye and cubic can be used as Tourweaver source images. Below are some solutions for you to get Tourweaver source images.

Spherical Panoramas

-Spherical panorama stitching software:

Panoweaver: Product of Easypano, which creates spherical panoramas from fisheye images. Panoramas created by Panoweaver can be import in Tourweaver to make interactive virtual tour.
Panoramic images saved as jpg format from other spherical stitching softwares are available as well.

Cylindrical Panoramas

-Cylindrical panorama stitching softwares:

Panorama Factory has grown into a powerful program for combining a set of overlapping digital images into panoramas. It supports JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF image formats and QTVR, IVR and PTViewer virtual reality formats. The final cylindrical panoramic images from Panorama Factory can be imported to Tourweaver and linked together via hotspot, interactive map for an impressive virtual tour.
Ulead Cool360 is photo panorama software that combines ease-of-use, power and flexibility to allow even novice digital imaging enthusiasts to move beyond traditional photos into immersive imaging.
QuickTime VR Authoring Studio



Cubic images with 6:1 ratio is supported by Tourweaver 2.00. No longer need to convert a cubic back to spherical after you modify the picture in stitching software. You can directly import a cubic image into Tourweaver by selecting the cubic type.

-One Single Fisheye Image:

Tourweaver 2.00 can support One Single Fisheye images.

-One Shot Solution:

Kaidan's 360 One VR includes 360 One VR Optic and Photwarp 2.0 software. 360 One VR captures a complete 360 image in oneshot and then publishes a panorama. The panoramic imaged can be imported in Easypano Tourweaver.
Panoscan Inc. is a manufacturer of the worlds fastest digital panoramic cameras. The images captured with Panoscan can be imported into Easypano Tourweaver and create an interactive virtual tour.
0-360 Panoramic Optic - This 360 degree lens is a one-shot panoramic camera mirror for making virtual tours. 360 degree horizontal field of view. Up to 115 degree vertical field of view.
Spheron VR - The company was founded on the idea of a digital panoramic camera. Said camera would have to cater to professional requirements and offer a viable digital alternative to existing, film-based solutions.
Remote Reality One Shot - RemoteReality designs high performance, custom optics and develops image processing, object tracking and pan-tilt-zoom camera controller software.


-Panoramic Cameras:

RoundShot - Various types of Roundshot panoramic cameras. The panoramic images from Roundshot are supported by Easypano Tourweaver.


RODEON modular VR-Head is destined for high-quality cylindrical and spherical panoramas; a perfect tool for high-resolution multirows. Easypano customers can get 10% discount to purchase CLAUSS products.
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-Rendered Panoramic Image:

3Ds max

Still Images

-Digital Camera
-Film camera + Scanner

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