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Dear Easypano Users:

Welcome to join Tourweaver 7.80 program! Thanks for your tests and feedbacks, we finally release Tourweaver 7.80 formal edition.

Tourweaver 7 is recognized as the most powerful and feature rich virtual tour creating software up to now. For this version, our team discussed and worked a lot towards the currents needs of our users. Apart from the past several updates which greatly improved HTML5 components features and Flash visual experience, Tourweaver 7.80 is user-oriented by supporting tour components automatically adaptation and rational tour design interface. The publish process is shorten and enhanced the program stability. More considerable features you may experience during your tour designing.

Well, join us now and provide your valuable comments to us!

What's new
  • Optimize Pop Up Image
    Pop Up Image now support drag to move and zoom in/out (zooming is only supported in Flash tour), it's easy to view image detail and move to any position as you want when viewing tours.
  • New Default Skin
    The new style virtual tour skin is packed together with program', it's concise and semi-transparent, which can be used in most cases thus save your time in tour creation.
  • Place tour components at any place on viewer, the component coordinate displays and marked in visible red doted line. You are allowed to drag components at will, the coordinate line and component reference point will switch smartly and correspondingly.
  • Tour Publish Acceleration
    Tourweaver 7.80 made effort in accelerating tour publishing, the published tour won't repeat all procedures of publishing virtual tour as the first time, which for sure greatly shorten the review and publish time for your tour creation.

[ Legend: ]
[ + Added feature ]
[ - Bug fixed]
[ * Improved/changed feature ]

Added Feature:
[+] Tour components support automatically adaptation (fit components in proper scale with various browser on PC and mobile devices), including Thumbnail, Google Map Viewer, Map Viewer, Popup Window.
[+] Smart tour components coordinate anchoring.
[+] New default virtual tour skin.

Improved Feature:
[*] Popup image support drag & move and Zoom in/out (zooming is only supported in Flash tour).
[*] Optimize and accelerate tour publishing process.

Fixed Bugs:
[-] Address the crash problem in publishing some large projects.
[-] Solve the problem of failing publish HTML5 tour with some PCs.
[-] Remove the black patch in viewing HTML5 tour with Chrome browser.
Free Update
The virtual tour software, Tourweaver7.80, is a free updated version of Tourweaver7.x. If you have owned Tourweaver7.x version, please transfer license key in program Help menu and activate Tourweaver7.80 with the same license key.
Testing Points
You are welcome to be one of the testers. Please pay attention to the following features.
Your feedbacks and suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  • Tour components automatically fit to browser window on PC, smart phone and tablet, including Thumbnail, Google Map Viewer, Map viewer, Popup Window.
  • Fix tour components position (tour components coordinate and anchoring).
  • Optimize and accelerate tour publishing process (only applies to the second time publish).
  • Drag and move Popup Image and zoom in/out (zooming is only supported in Flash tour if check window size as 'customized').
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